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Design an opt-in page for makertask.
Samil Karahisar - Maker of Makertask
I need an opt-in page for makertask. When someone skilled lands on this page, we will explain them shortly that makertask is about helping makers out and getting paid for the task, we will ask them to give us their mail and choose one of our 7 categories, so that we can send them a curated list of new tasks from that category from time to time.
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Translate app from Chinese to English
Help us translate app UI language from Chinese to English
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Find business owner Email addresses and market to them
Need help getting business owner email addresses and marketing loan products to them
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Custom Ghost Theme
Jeff Eisley
I am looking to pay a developer to build a custom Ghost theme for a simple blog site that focuses on a photo gallery grid-style layout, nothing advanced.
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Someone to program
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Anthony Miller
I need someone to build out and design a compelling email marketing program
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Help with SEO
Samil Karahisar
I don’t kmow much about SEO. Right now the word “makertask” returns nothing unrelated articles and forums. My website is on the 3rd page when “makertask” is searched on google. I would you like you to help me get on the firstpage, this shouldn’t be very hard as I own the .com for this word + there is seems to be no competition around it.
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Make a promo video for makertask.com
Samil Karahisar
A video with a single actor is fine. The video can be around a minute long. The actor plays the role of a tasker who surfs on makertask.com, finds a task and contacts the maker using the form(show him filling the form in a short scene). Than he gets the task done, and is paid trough an online payment system like paypal, stripe.. Once he is paid he is happy and gets back on makertask to see if he can help someone else.. An exemple of a product video I enjoyed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaqXfMhZF88 As I don’t have a huge budget, if you can help me by making something like this, just send me a mail with the form below.
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